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Financial support for climate change related damage

Financial loss will be the greatest casualty of climate change. In response to the most recent climate emergency in Australia, we are donating funds to support volunteer firefighters and wildlife rehabilitation.

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Clean up existing damage

In the Pacific Ocean, there is a trash island that is two times the size of Texas. These petroleum-plastics give off a highly toxic greenhouse gas called methane as it degrades for more than 400 years, unless ingested by aquatic life.

Remove greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing

Now, more than ever, we need to turn off the carbon emissions tap before it's too late. Our idea is to build out plastic-alternatives with earth-based materials without emitting hazardous carbons into the atmosphere.

Focused on creating a greener future

Emilie Scott, Founder and CEO of Planet Pods, launched Planet Pods Multi-Purpose Cleaner in 2019. Since then, the goal has evolved to a two-fold approach in alleviating present-day effects of climate change while building an innovative clean-energy industrial infrastructure.