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No Plastic Clean Kit (15x Pods, 3x Bamboo Towlettes) by Planet Pods


Want to know a secret? You really don't need the plastic spray bottle anyway. Selling spray bottles with each purchase is just a tactic for the plastic industry to make more money.

Concentrated cleaner that reacts to water directly on the stain makes cleaning much easier 👊 Use your bamboo towelettes to scrub once pod activates with water. Comes with 15x total, 3x of each scent!


Eucalyptus 🌿 Evergreen 🌲 Lemon 🍋 Citrus 🍊 and Lavender 💜


The Power of Dry Ingredients: Imagine the cleaning ingredients before diluted in water, that's Planet Pods. Use the ingredients however you want to clean! Dilute with water in a spray bottle or add directly to a wet rag.

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, lemon essential oil, citric acid, corn starch, white distilled vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, mica powder 

Use to clean most non-porous surfaces: tile, stone, wood, car vinyl

Washing Machine: 2-3x pods a load

Cloth or Rag: wrap 1x pod in cloth, add a bit of water to activate cleaning agent, scrub

Spray Bottle: dilute 1x pod with 16-20 ounces of water.

Drop a pod: 1/2x pod can tackle the toilet, use 1x full pod for a deep clean

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