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Good Karma 🌙 Face & Body Care Bamboo Washcloths (3 Pack)


Softer than cotton and better for the Earth

Bamboo requires less water and can last longer. Keep your face clean with anti-bacterial bamboo fiber. 

Comes with good karma tag and eucalyptus leaves - pass it on to give a friend good karma, too!

  • 90% Bamboo Fiber: Ultra absorbent (up to 40% more absorbent than cotton) and fast drying
  • Requires Less Water Than Cotton: Bamboo requires 1/3 less water than cotton. 
  • No Lint Left Behind: Oh and the pesky lint left behind. No more!
  • Lose the Single Use Cotton Balls: It's pollution, let's be real
  • Anti-bacterial: No smell or bacteria growth; keep your pores from clogging

Avoid thread pulling-use with soft surfaces

Help Planet Pods bring life back to earth by supporting our development in affordable, extremely biodegradable packaging : 100% of sales are reinvested into our Project Planet Pods fund. This fund was established in 2019 as a revenue source to develop out new/better carbon-negative consumer goods. 

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