How do I use Planet Pods?

Planet Pods are very multi-purpose. You can use the product to clean in many, different ways to customize the product for the need.

  1. Funnel into Spray Bottle
  2. Drop them in your toilet bowl, sink or tub (think: cleansing bath bomb)
  3. Apply directly to the surface

What is in Planet Pods? 

sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, white distilled vinegar, hydrogen peroxide (biodegradable bleach), natural coloring, natural plant oil (eucalyptus, lemon, lavender)

What makes Planet Pods safe?

Planet Pods use the same ingredients as cleaning products that are safe to apply directly to the skin. 

How do I use the powder?

Planet Pods Powder contains a combination of wet and dry ingredients. To release the powder for usage, use a tablespoon to scrape the top, and pour into a spray bottle or directly on a surface.