Planet Pods clean your home, and the environment ✨

Planet Pods are compostable consumer packaged goods that can be easily degraded into the environment without leaving hazardous toxins.

To do so, we're cutting wasteful components, useless fillers, toxic ingredients, and plastic packaging.

Built to better the world

We know that wasteful materials, namely plastic, is highly unsustainable, so we asked, why should we buy a full plastic spray bottle every time we need more cleaning product, when you can buy the ingredients that are otherwise added to a pre-filled spray bottle?
Planet Pods Eco Friendly Cleaning Product, Eucalyptus

Our promise 

  1. Transparent Supply Chain
  2. Easily Degraded Products & Packaging
  3. Optimization for Clean Energy

What we aim to do

Starting with Planet Pods, we plan to question each product component and the fundamental need. We seek cutting edge technology in creating more eco-friendly materials to lower our carbon output. It needs to happen from all angles, ranging from sourcing, production, shipping and after-market waste.

Planet Pods Eco Friendly Cleaning Product

Each Purchase Goes to Revitalizing and Protecting the Environment

As a means of healing the existing damage, 10% of each purchase will go toward research & development for environment revitalizing technology as well as charities supporting climate change-related crises.

Emilie Scott, Founder of Planet Pods