How to use Planet Pods Eco-friendly Ingredients to Clean

Planet Pods are very multi-purpose. You can use the product to clean tons of surfaces. It’s one of our strengths, but you may initially wonder how to use the pods! 

Let’s get you up to speed.

Planet Pods seamlessly clean your:

      • Toilet Bowl
      • Sink
      • Tiles
      • Carpet
      • Windows
      • Shower Head
      • Hard Water Stains
      • Soap Scum
      • Smelly Towels
      • Refrigerator
      • Vinyl Auto Interiors
      • Microwave
      • and Yoga Mats, too!

Your pods are very adaptable and can be used in these two modes:

PODS: Drop them in your toilet bowl, sink or tub (think: cleansing bath bomb)

POWDER: Dilute in water or apply directly to the surface

And don’t forget - make sure to rinse with enough water to clear out all the cleaning agents. 💧