Project Planet Pods

Powder Cleaner

Ethically sourced, cruelty free,

minimized carbon output

Project Planet Pods

Climate crisis relief and carbon output prevention

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Climate crisis relief and prevention

To solve for climate change, we need to battle the existing damage while building new carbon emissions solutions. In January, we are donating funds to support volunteer firefighters and wildlife rehabilitation in Australia.


Prevent further plastic pollution damage

Planet Pods Multi-Purpose Cleaner replaces plastic and chlorine with kraft packaging. Fresh Multi-Purpose Cleaning Agents delivered each season.


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Planet Pods aims to create a cleaner environment through energy-efficient production and shipping, non-toxic chemicals and compostability

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Our Mission

Remediate Damage

Ranging from plastic pollution to habitat loss, we allocate funds to clean up existing climate-related damage

Alleviate Reliance

Fossil fuels are based on an outdated system, we are innovating to solve for the existing flaws

Create New Materials

We're creating new substrates that can be used, disposed, and degraded without harming the environment

Eucalyptus Spring

Get Planet Pods Multi-Purpose Cleaner delivered every 3-months, pick your scent for the season, and all while reducing carbon emissions

Why You'll Love Planet Pods πŸ’œ

"Using powder cleaner has changed my whole perspective. I'll never go back to plastic spray bottles."

– Nara

"I love the packaging and mission. All you do is add water and scrub with a brush or rag- so easy!"

– Etta

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