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Bamboo Towelettes (Pack of 3)

Planet Pods

Bamboo Towelettes (Pack of 3)

$5.50 $7.45

Introducing Planet Pods Bamboo Towelettes!

In true Planet Pods fashion, use bamboo towelettes for anything! Dry your hands, clean dishes, wipe off make up, wipe down counter tops, scrub sinks, clean your car, the possibilities are endless.✨

  • 90% Bamboo Fiber: Ultra absorbent (up to 40% more absorbent than cotton) and fast drying
  • Requires Less Water Than Cotton: Bamboo requires 1/3 less water than cotton. 
  • No Lint Left Behind: Oh and the pesky lint left behind. No more!
  • Lose the Single Use Paper Towels: It's pollution, let's be real
  • Anti-bacterial: No smell from bacteria growth

Avoid thread pulling-use with soft surfaces

    We're hurting ourselves

    Climate change won't kill the planet, it'll just make sustaining human life on earth extremely difficult.

    Companies have taken the trade off in consumer welfare for profit too far. Consumers are left with the burden of non-biodegradable petroleum plastic waste and manufacturing emissions that subsequently lead to longer wildfire seasons, rising sea levels, new/scarier diseases, and much more.

    Starting from ground zero

    Reverse Engineering into what we actually need

    Using a first fundamentals approach, we questioned each and every component and challenged whether we could make the total package work better.

    We Never Give up

    We never compromise, or take shortcuts

    Going against the grain is no small feat. The market as it stands for producing consumer products at scale, at some point, factors in plastic or wasteful practices.

    Starting from ground zero

    SMall but mighty

    Planet Pods is a brand for the people, in that we priority human and environmental health without compromising on covenience and affordability.

    The future is bright

    We're just getting started

    We are only going up from here. Our greater goal envisions end-to-end clean energy and innovative substrates at scale.

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