Customize each gift for your cutie's personality

Soybean oil ink gift tags - printed in venice, ca

We're hurting ourselves

Climate change won't kill the planet, it'll just make sustaining human life on earth extremely difficult.

Companies have taken the trade off in consumer welfare for profitΒ too far. Consumers are left with the burden of non-biodegradable petroleum plastic waste and manufacturing emissions that subsequently lead to longer wildfire seasons, rising sea levels, new/scarier diseases, and much more.

Starting from ground zero

Reverse Engineering into what we actually need

Using a first fundamentals approach, we questioned each and every component and challenged whether we could make the total package work better.

Many manufacturing facilities rely on bendable plastic to produce at fast speeds, but there are new and better ways that we have yet to uncover.

We Never Give up

We never compromise, or take shortcuts

Going against the grain is no small feat. The market as it stands for producing consumer products at scale, at some point, factors in plastic or wasteful practices.

Starting from ground zero

SMall but mighty

Planet Pods is a brand for the people, in that we prioritize human and environmental health without compromising on covenience and affordability.

The future is bright

We're just getting started

We are only going up from here. Our greater goal envisions end-to-end clean energy and innovative substrates at scale.

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